Blox.Today Robux – Get Free Robux robux – Blox is still commonly discussed by players of Roblox at present. Since they think that without having to buy it with money, will give you free robux every day. Is it true? Blox, is he legal today? Or is Blox Free Robux just a scam?

Free robux or is an online generator service used by game players from Roblox to get robux for free. The involvement of Blox is currently adding to the ranks of the many online generator services that roblox gamers are searching for, seeking to increase the robux on their roblox account.

To find out if blox is a scam today, of course, is to try to use bloxtoday, and you will find out the truth that way. So here we are going to help you with how to use Blox Free Robux today. But let us tell you before continuing that the use of generator services is a tool that game developers do not permit.

Blox.Today Robux

Since most generator facilities are fake and unproven. If they complete the provided quizzes and surveys, their website owner only expects to benefit from visiting Roblox gamers.

To use Blox Free Robux today, we suggest that you get a new account. Since you use the account for safety, so that there are no issues later and the account you usually use is still secure.

How to Use to Get Free Robux

  1. Next, prepare the device you will be using.
  2. On a smartphone or PC, open the browser program
  3. Then, go to or, the online generator site
  4. Press Get Earns on the home page and a blank column appears
  5. Enter the username of your Roblox account in that column,
  6. Enter the Robux you like, human verification.

This is a guide on how to get free Robux from the generator site for If you can’t get Robux from that website for free, you can read our previous article to try other alternatives.

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